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Postal voting 

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    In addition to the option of ballot-box voting at the local polling station, votes may be cast by post. You can either send the voting letter with ballot card and signed ballot paper to the electoral office or submit it in person to the city or municipal administration.

     If there is not enough time to receive the ballot documents by post, they can be picked up from the municipal authorities. You can also vote directly at the postal voting office. You may also appoint a trusted proxy to pick up the postal voting documents for you from the municipal authorities. For this, your proxy requires a written power of attorney and must declare in writing to the municipal authorities that he is acting on behalf of a maximum of 4 persons. This is to exclude the misuse of such collection authorisations.

    - Voting papers

    Who do I have to contact?

    Please contact the city or municipal administration at which your main domicile is registered.

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