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Citizens’ Advice (Citizens’ service) 

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    The Citizens’ Advice office will help you if you need to arrange or settle something with a public institution. It acts as a go-between between you as a citizen and the city administration and other authorities or institutions.

    - Problems with public offices and institutions

    - Citizens’ advice line of the Hesse state government

    - Mobile Citizens’ Advice

    Who do I have to contact?

    Your municipal or town administration will inform you on how to get in touch with the Citizens’ Advice services.

    You can ask there, too, if a mobile Citizens’ Advice service is available.



    Hauptstraße 45
    63303 Dreieich


    Der Eingang befindet sich in der Schulstraße.

    Erreichbarkeit / ÖPNV

    Dreieich-Sprendlingen Mitte
    Bus: OF-67

    Dreieich-Sprendlingen Rathaus
    Bus: OF-64
    Bus: 662
    Bus: 663

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