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    Under certain conditions, foreigners can apply for German citizenship. Generally, the following prerequisites must be fulfilled:

    - Permanent residence permit or residence permit, EU or Swiss citizen

    - at least 8 years of residency in Germany

    - capacity to provide for your own maintenance

    - sufficient knowledge of the German language

    - basic civic knowledge

    - no multiple citizenship

    - no previous convictions

    - commitment to the free and democratic order or the German constitution, no indications of extremist or terrorist activities

    Special naturalisation principles apply to particular situations; the naturalisation authorities and the administrative offices below can provide information about this.

    Who do I have to contact?

    Applications for naturalisation may be sent to towns and municipalities with more than 7,500 inhabitants, or otherwise to the administrative district. You will also be given advice there on your first steps.

    The naturalisation authorities in Hesse are the three regional councils: Darmstadt, Gießen and Kassel



    Hauptstraße 45
    63303 Dreieich


    Der Eingang befindet sich in der Schulstraße.

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    Dreieich-Sprendlingen Mitte
    Bus: OF-67

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    Bus: 663

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