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Certificate of good conduct 

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    The certificate of good conduct contains certain information held about a person in the central register. This could be, for example, criminal convictions such as the court suspension of a driving licence, decisions by the administrative authorities and courts, remarks on criminal responsibility (insanity defence), or certain crimes committed in the course of business activities.

    However, not all of the information held in the central register is listed on the certificate of good conduct. The content will depend on the type of certificate of good conduct.
    There are two types:

    - For private purposes (Doc. type N):
    The certificate will be sent to you directly by post to your home.

    - For submission to the authorities (Doc. type O):
    The certificate will be sent directly to the office designated by you.
    Please provide in this case the address of the office and the purpose of use. As the applicant, you can in this case request, however, that the certificate of good conduct is first sent to a district court for you to inspect it.

    Both types are issued on request as an extended certificate of good conduct if this is provided for in a legal provision or when the certificate is required for the assessment of personal suitability in accordance with Section 72a of Vol. 8 of the Social Security Code (Sozialgesetzbuch), other professional or voluntary supervision, care, education or training of minors or an activity involving contact with minors.

    If you live in the Federal republic of Germany and have citizenship of another member state of the EU, you can apply for a European certificate of good conduct. In this case, your country of origin will be asked to provide information on entries in the criminal register there. The entries communicated will be listed in full in your certificate of good conduct, and in the language in which the information was provided.

    An application for a certificate of good conduct may be made by anyone over the age of 14. If the person in question has a legal representative, this representative is also entitled to apply. The application may not be made by a third party.
     Who do I have to contact?

    Applications for certificates of good conduct may be submitted to the registration office for your main or secondary residence.

     You may apply in person at the registration office or in writing. In this case, you should write to the registration office including your personal data (birthday, birth name, any other family names, first name(s), place of birth, nationality, address). The signature on the application must be officially or publicly certified. If it is not already apparent through the certification of the signature, the accuracy of the data must be verified. It is recommended that you contact the registration office responsible before any written application becomes required, also in order to pay the necessary fees.

    You can also apply for a certificate of good conduct via the online portal of the Federal Office of Justice.

    see ”Apply for a certificate of good conduct online”
    (Service description in Hesse Finder)

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