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Passport; temporary 

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    A temporary, machine-readable passport is only issued in special, individual circumstances, for example if a passport is required immediately and the issue of a regular passport is not possible in the time before the passport is required.

    The temporary passport is valid for a maximum of one year. The loss of a temporary passport must be reported immediately.
    Who do I have to contact?

    Please contact the passport office in your place of residence.




    - Another identity document, generally your old passport and/or personal ID card, for example
    and/or a civic status certificate (e.g. birth certificate)
    that proves the identity of the applicant.

    - A current biometric photo (size 45mm x 35mm, portrait format, no frame).

    To apply for an ID card, children’s passport and passport, children must come in person (including infants) to the citizens’ office for the initial application and every update. Both parents must sign the application. (Optionally, one parent can sign the application and the other parent can pick up the ID card/passport) In the case of sole custody, the court decision on this must be presented with the application.



    A fee of €26 will be charged for the issue of a temporary passport.

    Legal foundations

    - Passport Act 

    - Ordinance for the implementation of the Passport Act 



    A temporary passport does not entitle the holder to visa-free entry into the United States under the “Visa Waiver Programme”. Further information on the entry conditions for German citizens can be found under www.auswaertiges-amt.de.



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