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Passport: Including children 

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    The inclusion of children in a parental passport is no longer permissible, as of 01.11.2007. The reason for this is the adjustment to international developments which provide for travellers of all ages to have their own travel documents in order to prevent misuse and to protect children.
    Passports issued before 01.11.2007 and which include children retain their validity.

    Passport: Including children

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    To apply for an ID card, children’s passport and passport, children must come in person (including infants) to the citizens’ office for the initial application and every update. Both parents must sign the application. (Optionally, one parent can sign the application and the other parent can pick up the ID card/passport) In the case of sole custody, the court decision on this must be presented with the application.

    You can find more information on travel documentation for children under the search term “Children’s passports”.

    Please note:

    Information from the Ministry of the Interior Inclusion of children in parental passports invalid as of 26.06.2012 (please see the press release below).

    - Inclusion of children in parental passports invalid as of 26.06.2012

    - Children’s passports

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