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De-registration of domicile 

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    If you move out of your domicile and do not move into a new domicile within Germany, you are required to de-register at the registration office within two weeks. De-registration of your domicile is only necessary in this case if you move abroad or give up one or several domiciles (secondary domiciles).

    Who do I have to contact?

    Please contact the registration office (formerly known as the “Einwohnermeldeamt”) of your municipality or town.

    If you move to a new residence within Germany (domestic), you are only required to register with the authorities in your new domicile within two weeks. This office will then inform the authorities in the place from which you moved through a Germany-wide automatic re-registration procedure.

    If you do not move to a different address but merely give up one of several addresses, you must de-register this address with the authorities in whose area of jurisdiction you are registered with your main domicile. 

    You can also do this, however, with the authorities under whose jurisdiction the address you are giving up falls. They will then forward the process to the responsible authorities. 

    If you want to change the status of your domicile (main domicile, secondary domicile), you must also inform the registration office at which you are registered with your main domicile. These changes (e.g. previous secondary domicile becoming main domicile and vice versa), too, may be reported to the authorities responsible for the secondary domicile for forwarding to the actual authorities responsible.



    De-registration is free of charge.

    Legal foundations

    Federal citizens registration act (Bundesmeldegesetz – BMG)

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