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Foreigners’ affairs 

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    Legal provisions applicable to foreigners are taken from international agreements, the laws of the European Union and the domestic laws of the Federal Republic of Germany. In domestic law, the Residence Act regulates the entrance, the residency, the employment and the promotion of integration of foreigners in/into Germany.

    The Residence Act does not contain exhaustive regulations for the residency of a foreigner in German federal territory. The general legal provisions apply unless a legal norm is tied to the foreign nationality of a person. Foreigners must observe the statutory regulations and prohibitions in the same way as German citizens.

    Entry is only permitted if it is in compliance with the Residence Act and the legal provisions associated with it.

    Integration is the right and obligation of all foreigners living in Germany in the long term. The efforts made by foreigners to integrate are supported by a basic integration service (integration course).

    Who do I have to contact?

    You can obtain further details on entry and residency from the locally responsible Foreigners’ Registration Office (district authorities and mayor’s office of independent towns and district towns with populations of more than 50,000).

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