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Residence/registration certificates 

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    The registration office of the town or municipality in which you are registered with your main or secondary domicile will issue a registration certificate to you on request.

    A registration certificate serves as evidence of your domicile and includes at least the following information specified in Section 18 paragraph 1 BMG (Federal Registration Act): Family name, earlier names, first names, academic title, religious order or stage name, date and place of birth (as well as the country in the case of birth outside Germany), current address marked as main domicile or secondary domicile.

    On request, this data can be supplemented by that listed in Section 18 paragraph 2 BMG and an extended registration certificate can thus be issued. Certification for another person can only be issued in writing to that person or given to a third party upon presentation of power of attorney.

    This will be required in the context of a marriage, for example. Foreign residents must present this certification to their consulate in passport matters.

    Who do I have to contact?

    Get in touch with the registration office (“Meldebehörde”, once known in general as the “Einwohnermeldeamt”) in your municipality or town.

    Hauptstrasse 45
    63303 Dreieich

    The entrance is in Schulstrasse.

    Access / public transport
    Dreieich-Sprendlingen Mitte
    Bus: OF-67

    Dreieich-Sprendlingen Rathaus
    Bus: OF-64
    Bus: 662
    Bus: 663
    Information on accessibility for the disabled
    Wheelchair accessible

    Lift available



    Personal ID or passport and, where applicable, power of attorney


    Fees are charged in accordance with No. 42 (residence registration) of the administrative costs list regarding “Verwaltungskostenordnung für den Geschäftsbereich des Ministeriums des Innern und für Sport” (Administrative costs ordinance for the area of responsibility of the Ministry of the Interior and Sport).

    Administrative costs ordinance for the area of responsibility of the Ministry of the Interior and Sport


    Organisational units

    Citizens’ Office

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